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Using completely acid-free products and best practices in conservation framing, our experienced designers are eager to assist you with your design process.  From carefully selecting a frame to bring out the beauty of your artwork, to selecting the appropriate type of glass to protect your project, we make sure you leave with the perfect design to honor your piece.

We often frame the following items: prints, digital photography, watercolors, charcoals, pastels, stitchwork and needlepoints, canvas, acrylic artwork, children’s artwork, and more.

When you're looking to have art or pictures framed, it's important to know framing is a luxury. We liken it to jewelry shopping, if treated properly it will last generations. Many times, depending on the piece, framing can cost more than the artwork itself. There is nothing wrong with buying a frame off the shelf from a big box store, as long as you are not concerned with the longevity of what's inside.

Preserving Your Art + Photos

Every time we touch a piece- we are thinking of preservation. All of the products we use are for archival purposes and are acid free and ph-neutral. These products include foamcore, mat board, hinges, adhesive, and mounting board. Our mat board is free of metal particles, waxes, residual bleach, peroxide, or other impurities that could lead to the degradation of the board or adjunct art work.

Types of Glass We Use

We offer varying types of high-performance glazing options for our customers. These include UV protective glass, abrasion resistance, anti-reflective and non-glare, anti-static and shatter resistance and safety products. We take into consideration the type of artwork, the location of the artwork, as well as customer preference when talking about glass. Every design session comes with a conversation about preservation vs. presentation as well as what purpose the specific piece of art has.

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