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That beautiful extra detail in a room that provides the finishing touch - that is what a custom mirror can bring.  Whether it be for a bathroom, walkway, bedroom or nursery, the right mirror can make that space truly yours.  Choose your shape and dimensions, along with one of our thousands of frames, together with your design specialist.

Getting Started

Ready to create a custom mirror? When you come into either location, we'll start talking about sizing needs and the space where the mirror will be hanging. We keep sizing in mind when assessing your needs - oftentimes the size you need involves the outside frame and not the actual mirror choice. We'll also discuss mirror options like beveled or flat mirrors. 

You don't need to bring photos of your space with you but they are always welcome if you think it will help us understand your vision.

Getting your mirror home can be easy as you are welcome to use your own transportation. For a fee, we can transport mirrors and artwork up to 48 x 96 ft. There are also local delivery options we are happy to recommend.

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